Extrusion Welding


Extrusion Welder with external air supply


  • WEGENER microprocessor control system for air and extrudate temperature, and to control the motor
  • External air supply in the EC version through a WEGENER air heater 3,000 W
  • Switch between actual and target value display for air heater and extrudate temperature
  • Cold start protection (start-up protection dependent on time and temperature)
  • Monitoring of the pre-set target temperature of the extrudate heater with motor-stop function if the deviation is too high
  • TWISTY: Turnable welding shoe support for flexible change of the welding direction
  • Easily exchangeable PTFE welding shoe, adjustable front handle
  • The scope of delivery includes a unit stand and a welding shoe of your choice

Range of Application:

Manufacture of reservoirs, tanks and containers, manufacturer of plastic apparatus, pipeline construction, ventilation, automotive, roofing, landfill technology


PE, PP, PVDF and other weldable thermoplastic material


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Technical Data beta3 EC TWISTY
Power supply: 208-230V L1/L2/PE 60 Hz
Power consumption: 5,360 W
Air requirement: >300 l/min
Heating capacity (air): 3,000 W
Welding capacity (PE): approx. 10.1 Ibs/hr
(4.6 kg/hr)
Welding capacity (PP): approx. 9.5 Ibs/hr
(4.3 kg/hr)
Welding rod diameter::

PE 1/8", 5/32", 3/16"
(3,4 or 5 mm)

PP 1/8", 5/32", 3/16"
(3,4 or 5 mm)

Weight: approx. 22 lbs
(10.0 kg)
Dimensions (L x H x W): 23.6" X 15.3" X 5.5"
(600 x 335 x 140 mm)

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