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DVS Book Available DVS Technical Codes on Plastics Joining Technologies 2017 English Edition. Click here for table of contents.

DVS Technical Codes on Plastics Joining Technologies, 2017 English Edition
Model SM

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The SM Machine Range is based on solid welded profile construction. All machine components are sized and chosen to fulfill long term loads to ensure highest quality welding. Sheet thickness capacities range from 3 to 60 mm (1/8” – 2 ¾”) and working widths from 3 to 6 m (120” – 240”). The machine tables are made of a composite design to assure greatest stability and rigidity. This type of machine construction, combined with the symmetrical assembly and the heavy duty guide tracks used, is the key to a machine with well balanced load properties, assuring stable weld quality even under continuous usage at high forces. The high quality standard of Wegener machines is your assurance for highest precision, reliability and longevity.

The Wegener parallel mechanism, another core feature of the Wegener butt welding machine concept, is the guarantee for precision and continuous parallel movement of the tables. Consistent pressure distribution over the entire working width is the prerequisite for a faultless welding process. Wegener meets this requirement through integration of a patented, maintenance-free synchronization of the welding tables. Even sheet material not clamped in the center of the working tables has no influence on the parallel working mechanism of the tables. This feature represents a unique quality feature of Wegener butt welding machines. The entire machine concept provides for excellent conditions to perform quality controlled welds according to DVS 2208-1.

In the base SM model, the Wegener operating controls consist of the proven PLC controls allowing for parameter selection by manually setting pressures, welding times and temperatures. An even quicker and even more operator friendly feature is the optional touch screen panel with Siemens S7-300 controller and valve islands. The touch screen is a high quality, easily visible industrial unit with a design similar to our previous electronic display, which was renowned for ease of operation. Equipped with this feature, all an operator has to do is to input sheet length, sheet thickness and select a standard material from the menu. The machine then automatically calculates and sets all the necessary adjustments with respect to times, temperatures and pressures.

Model SMThe preprogrammed parameters are based on current DVS (German Welding Society) guidelines and include PP, PE, extruded PVC, pressed PVC and PVDF. In addition, parameters can be freely defined should the requirement not conform to DVS data. The reliability of these electronics is just as excellent as the market is accustomed to from older Wegener machine generations.

A further option is the extension of the memory with parameter sets for customer specific data. Product specific parameter sets including geometrical data can be stored and easily retrieved, thus allowing for considerable minimization of set-up times when changing materials or product types. This is an additional feature to prevent potential operator input errors.

Through the Wegener VARIO clamping system the location of the clamping beam and thus the distance between the non-rotating clamping feet to the inner table edge can be adjusted. This system has been developed to clamp thin sheets as tight to the edge as possible to permit offset-free welding and, when processing thick sheets, to leave sufficient space for a trouble-free development of the larger welding bead. This vertical adjustment possibility combined with the horizontal heating element height adjustment capability of the 90° welding system allow for easy and precision setting and clamping of the sheets to efficiently fuse a 90° corner weld.

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Model SMSpecial Solutions

Our engineering staff enjoys the challenge of designing custom machines for all types of thermoplastic welding applications. Our expertise also includes machinery for the welding of UHMWPE, concrete protection liners, a variety of foamed materials, textile drums or pallet welders, just to name a few.